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In order for images and in turn the entire email to display well across various email platforms - including mobile devices - each image in email messages needs to be resized to fit the container they are added to.

How to resize images

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STEP 1) Right-click the image in the image browser and select the "Resize" option:


STEP 2) Enter the width to resize the image to (height is automatically calculated).

: Turn off the "create new image" checkbox if you want to overwrite your original image, otherwise a new image file is created with the new dimensions.



STEP 3) Double click the new/resized image in the image library to add it to your message.


Tip: create folders in the sidebar of the image library to help oragnize/find images.

What are the image dimensions to use in email messages?

Image sizes vary in different sections of emails. Refer to the illustration below for required widths:


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