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Before sending email campaigns be sure to send a test first!

Selecting the sender

On the account settings page of your account you can manage sender name/email pairs ("identities")

 Then, on the message editor in the "From" field you can select which sender you want to use for the message.

Selecting the list of recipients

In the "To" field, select a subscription list, contacts in an interest (list) or a segment of contacts defined by a filter.

Sending the e-blast

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After testing is completed, click the "Send" button from the message editor page – you'll see the "send message estimate" window pop up.

This popup window contains a confirmation of the number of contacts the message is going to be sent to and you can select the date and time you want to the message to be sent.

Once you're ready to send the message click the Launch Email Campaign button.

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Re-sending a message (follow up)

You can resend a message to a single contact after the blast has been sent. Open the sent message and type the email address in the "Send to" field on the editor page. Matching contacts from your database will be shown under the field as you type. Select the contact you wish to re-send the message to and click the Send button. 

Re-sending a message (to those who "did not open")

You can resend a previously sent message to a certain segment of the contacts that were originally sent the message. A common use case for this is to resend a message to those contacts who did not open the original message. Watch the short video below to see how to create the necessary filter, verify that it is correct, duplicate your message and finally send or schedule your new message. 

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Re-sending a message (after sending e-blast in error)

See this page to find out how to re-send a message that was sent to an incorrect list.

How can I sent an email campaign to multiple lists at the same time?

Watch this video to learn how to send a single email campaign to multiple lists in a way that one contact only receives your email once even if they appear on multiple lists at the same time.

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